Why We Are So Passionate About Our Cause

We at Hearts and Hammers hear about many instances where individuals who would definitely benefit from the efforts of our mission and goals. Occasionally.and more often than you think, a small but significant change to the environment would make a huge difference for someone who is mobility challenged.

Our founder Dave Bonk recently talked with Linda on the phone, and his encounter exemplifies where small changes would significantly benefit both the mobility challenged individual and their caregiver. After his call, Dave was so moved that he wrote about it. I would like to share his thoughts:

Answering the voice-mails on the Hearts and Hammers line is an emotional task. There is a HUGE need to help people in Alberta who are living with mobility challenges, in homes that aren’t accessible, and they can’t afford to fix them. A recent call from Linda, about her cousin in Stony Plain, AB is an example of why we do what we do at Hearts & Hammers.

The couple have been married for 30 years. The husband got MS early in their marriage and has been bed ridden ever since. His every need is taken care of by his wife, 24 hours a day, year after year. She quit her job to stay home and take care of him, otherwise he will die. The bed sores (apparently the size of footballs) require that he be turned every few hours. The 58 year old wife is absolutely worn out and is struggling to find the strength to turn him.

They desperately need air conditioning in the home to make him more comfortable, and a lift system above the bed to assist turning him. Aside from this story being very sad, its also an inspiration which is why I decided to share. I’m told that this man, despite being so ill and in great pain and discomfort has an incredible spirit, positive outlook on life, jokes around, and has a warm loving nature.

I know for myself I find hope and happiness in looking forward to the next thing, holiday, date, deal, or meal. Imagine being someone who could be so grateful for what they do have, right now, no matter what the circumstance.

This is the kind of work that The Hearts and Hammers Society does, helping families like this one to remain living together in their home and community. And in this case saving a special and inspirational life.

Thank you for supporting Hearts and Hammers, we truly appreciate your funding support, as do the families we help.

Please note that all Directors and Board members of Hearts and Hammers are volunteers without compensation. We are completely dependent upon donations from individuals and corporations to continue our mission and goals.

Please help us to make a difference for mobility challenged individuals in need. We are now able to accept donations online. Thanks for your support!