Thanks Skyline Concrete Services

Hearts and Hammers would like to give a shoutout with big thanks to the great people at Skyline Concrete Services in helping out with one of our current projects. The project involves renovations for Nickolas, a 3-year-old boy who suffers from Pallister Killian Syndrome. He has some mobility for short distances but is limited by an unsteady gait. One of the scheduled renovations is to re-construct the walkway that adjoins the front steps, which has an uneven and broken concrete slab at the foot of the front steps.

Skyline owner Tim Brabant with crew members Ryan and Ike removed the existing walkway, excavated and re-poured the concrete walkway for Nickolas. The end result looks fantastic, and now Nickolas no longer has difficulty navigating the walkway when leaving the front door! The total value of the renovation is $5,000.00.

After looking at the finished result, I would not hesitate to refer Skyline Concrete Services for prompt service and quality concrete work. Thanks again, guys.