Ramirez Project Update: Jan to Apr 2015

Since the last update to the Ramirez project, lots of additional interior work has been completed.

Interior changes to the house include:

  • main floor modifications to accommodate installation of a new vertical platform lift required to move the wheelchair up the stairs to bedroom level
  • removal and rebuilding of the wall between the kitchen and living room in order to provide support for the lift and to accommodate the bigger opening between the kitchen and living room
  • rerouting of electrical wiring to provide power for the lift and the controls
  • modification to the ceiling in the hall to provide adequate head clearance for the lift

With all of the required modifications successfully done, the house is ready to be occupied by Ramon, who plans to move back in very shortly. More updates to come at that time.

A big thank you goes out to the following businesses for their generous support with time and supplies to make this phase possible:

  • Smart Site for donating asbestos abatement and drywall removal
  • Rearrange for the donation of a bed with a movable head and foot
  • Molly Maid (Calgary) for donating a post construction cleanup of the house

Below are some photos taken of the completed areas, courtesy of Bart Bates’ photographer.