Project Update: 2017 Stenhouse Renovation is Complete!

Hearts & Hammers has completed our latest project and we would like to thank everyone who contributed.
Made possible with generous donations from these organizations: The Stampede City Kinsmen, the Calgary Real Estate Charitable Foundation, Skyline Concrete Services Calgary, Hunter Tristan Design , Jose Soriano Photography, Lawrence Ames (project manager), and all volunteers who supported this project.

“We were thankful that we had persevered as a family as there are not many options in Calgary for people with disabilities who want to stay in their home.”

Here is a word from the recipient family:

“Living with a disability, whether you are born with it, or become disabled suddenly can change your life in a positive or negative way… pending on how you choose to deal with it. Also, loving support from family and friends and a strong faith really go a long way in building a positive future and providing the encouragement needed when society itself doesn’t always show the love, respect or caring for those with disabilities.

Christina, being born with cerebral palsy, epilepsy and turners syndrome was misdiagnosed twice initially… then told she would never walk or be able to speak clearly. Faith and love proved that diagnosis wrong and Christina set her goal of taking ballet. She progressed from a wheelchair to walkers to walking! She not only learned to talk, but she loves to sing, play piano and now has a College diploma!
All this because family and friends believed in her, and her faith kept her strong! She now advocates for adults with disabilities and volunteers with the mandate to focus on one’s abilities, not the disability. The Reno’s by Hearts and Hammers have been a blessing as they have enabled Christina to now live in a safe, beautiful bedroom with a bathroom that now enables her to shower safely and independently due to the lighting, grab bars etc..

Equally, for Fred, who has become functionally blind since his brain aneurysm, positive support and faith has helped him readjust somewhat from an Operations Manager to forced retirement due to being disabled.

He tries to use his testimony of survival to help not only the medical community but those whose lives seem to have taken a turn for the worse. Despite ongoing health issues, he also tries to advocate for those with disabilities, as he now sees firsthand the discrimination and negligence of this community too often. He is overjoyed, together with his wife Sheryl, that Hearts and Hammers do such amazing work in helping families with disabilities stay together in their own homes by doing necessary renovations and adaptations to make this possible!
The renovations that Hearts and Hammers have made to our bathroom now allow Fred to take much needed therapeutic baths independently and safely thanks to the specially adapted soaker tub with grab bars and extra lighting! This has already been beneficial for his arthritis. The wide exterior cement ramp with the easy grip railing for the front entrance for Fred and the side entrance for Christina now allows them safer access due to their mobility issues. Special door handles have helped with any dexterity issues.
Finally, allowing more room for Fred by installing a mudroom combo in the front entrance made such a difference!
All these caring, thoughtful changes were made after several meetings and consultations.
We were thankful that we had persevered as a family as there are not many options in Calgary for people with disabilities who want to stay in their home. We are so grateful to Hearts and Hammers, all the wonderful Sponsors and finally to all the workers and volunteers who have given new hope, independence and lots of joy to this family living with disabilities.”
-Fred&Sheryl &Christina Stenhouse

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