New Projects Underway for 2015

Thank you everyone who submitted nominations to Hearts and Hammers for this year’s renovations.

We are happy to announce that Hearts and Hammers has selected three projects this year, and a couple have already started.

Project 1: Nickolas Project

We are currently providing a home renovation for a single mother (Mailie) with a rambunctious 3-year-old boy (Nickolas) who suffers from Pallister Killian Syndrome.

Nickolas has some mobility for short distances but is limited by an unsteady gait. In addition to struggles with his gait and balance, he experiences visual, hearing, and cognitive impairments. The planned renovation for Nickolas will provide upgrades to improve his safety and mobility throughout the home and back yard.

Renovations scheduled include:
1. fix uneven and broken concrete at bottom of front steps. A new walkway has already been constructed by Skyline Concrete Services. (See separate blog post)
2. sand and re-stain splintered backyard deck as Nickolas loves to crawl on the deck. This is partially completed thanks to a corporate work project by Cognera.
3. provide access to the bathtub by retrofitting with a door that opens. (Scheduled to be installed next week)
4. install a new trundle bed to replace a crib and change table as Nickolas is starting to fall out of the crib.
5. safety proof the bedroom by securing the dresser and other components.
6. install a dutch door so Nickolas can play safely in his room and his mother can hear him.
7. relocate hand rails to the lower level to code and a height easier for Nickolas to navigate.



Project 2: Artina Project
Artina is an 82 year old lady who had recently undergone bilateral hip surgery. She has multiple medical diagnosis which limit her ability to move around safely within her home including but not limited to limited endurance, osteoporosis, multiple fall history/high risks for falls due to unsteady gait, as well one sided weakness. 

Currently, part of her home is accessible using her 4 wheeled walker including her washroom and bedroom,  however she would benefit from additional modifications in her house to improve her independence and accessibility. 

Renovations scheduled include:
1. construct a ramp to front entrance from street.
2. add a stair-lift between main floor and basement to provide access to laundry and the recreational space. She previously had an art studio in the basement.
3. removal of carpet and installation of safer flooring in the basement. Carpets tend to be a tripping hazard for those with 4 wheeled walkers as they are harder to push and steer on this flooring type. 

Project 3: Margi Project

Margi is an elderly lady who lives in Ogden. We will be improving accessibility in her yard by repairing and upgrading an outdoor walkway, adding handrails on the hallways upstairs and downstairs inside the home, and fixing the front step. This will help her get around easier both inside the home and in the back yard.

So far some work has been done on the walkway outside.

Walkway in Margi's backyard

Walkway in Margi’s backyard

I will be providing more information as the work progresses on our projects.