Howard Project Update #3 1

Tremendous amounts of work have been done over the last few days to return the Howard home from a renovation in progress into livable space for Peter and Debbie.

One of the greatest challenges that the Howard family faced was storage. With the help of Hearts and Hammers, brand new shelving units have been installed throughout the Howard Home. This represents a transformation from the overburdened store bought shelving that was previously in use, to a new set of storage units that will be sturdier and more accessible.

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In addition, the Howard home has received a brand new coat of paint over the past three days. Debbie and Peter, with the help of Hearts and Hammers board member Sue, selected a set of wall colours in August. Today, the dream of having those fresh new colours on their walls has become a reality for both Peter and Debbie.

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With hundreds of hours put into the renovation by many dedicated people, the promise made by Hearts and Hammers to make the Howard home more accessible has become real. All of this was made possible by our incredibly generous sponsors, the hard work and support of our trade partners, and by the many volunteers who have spent much of their free time to improve the lives of the Howards.

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One thought on “Howard Project Update #3

  • Helen Taylor

    Congratulations on the completion of this wonderful project! I am proud to have nominated Peter and Debbi, and overwhelmed to see all of the fantastic improvements which the sponsors and volunteers have made happen! Their home will now be so much easier for them to manage, not to mention the terrific upgrades and bright fresh paint.
    Given the huge challenges they have both faced in their lives, the help of the people in Hearts and Hammers must seem like such a blessing to them. You know from being with them that they have done a lot for others in their lives and have such humour and love together despite everything. I am glad you made it possible for them to have this gift, because they deserve it and will I’m sure pay it back in future.

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