Howard Project Update #2

For the past three days the Hearts and Hammers team has been hard at work putting in a brand new floor for Peter and Debbie Howard.

On Sunday, Dave, the founder of Hearts and Hammers and Bart, an H&H board member completed stripping the last remnants of the old carpet and underlay from the Howard home. This was the final step to preparing the floor installation.

In October, both Peter and Debbie selected a laminate floor that could withstand the use of wheelchairs. On Monday, Nov. 4, the installation of that floor began with the support of Sue and the H&H installation team partners. By late afternoon on Monday most of the floor install was complete, with the remaining floor installed on Tuesday afternoon.


Already this represents a huge change in the Howard household. Gone is the old blue-grey carpet, and in its place the brand new laminate. This now extends into all parts of the Howard home.


The connection hight between the old carpet and the old kitchen tile made mobility in a wheelchair difficult. Now, with an even floor, movement for both Peter and Debbie in and out of their kitchen will be much easier.

Although the renovation is not complete, the single largest impediment to the use of wheelchairs in the Howard home–the carpet and tile–is now gone. Throughout the rest of the week additional changes to the home will be made to improve the quality and comfort of Peter and Debbie’s lives.