Fall 2015 project update: Artina project

One of our fall projects was to help an 82 year old lady named Artina who lives in Ogden and had recently undergone bilateral hip surgery. She has multiple medical diagnosis which limits her ability to move around safely within her home including but not limited to limited endurance, osteoporosis, multiple fall history/high risks for falls due to unsteady gait, as as well one sided weakness.

Before we started renos for Artina, part of her home was accessible using her 4 wheeled walker including her washroom and bedroom. We determined that she would benefit from additional modifications to her house to improve her independence and accessibility.

The Hearts and Hammers team is pleased to report that the Artina project is now completed and here is what we did.

  • installed ramp from main floor front entrance to the street
  • removed existing carpeting in basement and replaced with vinyl plank flooring as carpets are a tripping hazard for 4 wheeled walkers
  • installed a stairlift between main floor and basement to allow her access to the basement laundry and rec room/art studio

Ramp installation

Shoppers Home Health Care (a division of Shoppers Drug Mart) supplied a prefabbed wooden wheelchair ramp for installing from the front entrance over the existing sidewalk. The ramp was assembled over a couple of days between November 20 and 25, and on November 28 a volunteer crew installed grip tape for slip prevention.

Basement floor modifications

Carpeting in the basement was removed and replaced with vinyl plank peel and stick flooring. Jared Silverson provided design consultation and helped Artina select the new flooring color. Greenstone Construction coordinated the floor removal portion of the job.

We are very grateful for the help with the flooring from ATCO Pipelines through their participation in the ATCO EPIC (Employees Participating In Communities) program where employees may volunteer for a community project.

Margaret Kulinski of ATCO Pipelines contacted Hearts and Hammers about their EPIC program. She wrote: “The campaign is intended to encourage employees to get involved and increase awareness about community needs. During this campaign we host a Day of Caring, where employees are encouraged to leave work behind and participate in hands on volunteering”. Margaret wondered if we had any projects that could use her company’s help during their EPIC Campaign.
We jumped at their generous offer and started tackling the flooring on November 12.

Big shoutout to Beth, Margaret and Wayne from ATCO Pipelines who worked alongside with our directors Dave and Sue to remove the old flooring, prep the surface for the tiles and finished off tiling the floor. The three ATCO volunteers and Sue helped with the floor removal and preparation in the morning. Margaret and Beth stayed for the afternoon as well to help Dave and Sue with the flooring install. They were a very hardworking productive crew and much was accomplished.

After the flooring was installed Greenstone Construction came back and installed new baseboards.

Stairlift installation

On November 20 we began installation of the stairlift between the main floor and the basement, which was supplied by Motion Specialties. Now, Artina is once again able to go down to the basement safely to do her laundry and relax in the rec room.

Thanks to everyone involved with this project .. I can report that Artina is very happy to be chosen for this life changing renovation!

Photos from Artina project courtesy of Sue Trefry