Calgary Sun Covers Ramirez Reno May 25, 2015

On Monday May 24th, the Calgary Sun featured an article by Laura Booth updating the Ramirez reno. Below is Laura’s article found on page 2:

Solution hammered out


Renovations make it possible for couple to continue to live together

Ramon Ramirez woke up one day in his Calgary home half paralyzed.

For the last handful of years following his diagnosis with a Parkinson-like disease, his condition has deteriorated.

His wife Noemi has been caring for him since; carrying him on her back to move him, and even using rope to carry him up the stairs in their home.

To make life easier for the couple, their speech pathologist nominated them for assistance from local non-profit Hearts and Hammers, which provides home renovations to assist those with mobility difficulties.

“I asked (Noemi), ‘How long have you guys been living this way?’ said Dave Bonk, founder of the charity.

“And with tears in her eyes she said, ‘for four years that’s how their life had been with no help on the way whatsoever.’”

The volunteer members of the charity along with trades people who donated their time, services and materials, made the Ramirez’s home liveable.

Bonk said they built a ramp up to the front door so his wife can now wheel him up, a wheelchair lift inside his home to bring his chair up the stairs, remodelled the bathroom, and installed a pulley system on the bedroom ceiling.

“With these modifications he no longer just has to stay in bed, he can come downstairs and sit in front of the window and look outside or come down and join the birthday party in progress with his family,” said Bonk.

The Ramierz’s moved back into their newly renovated home Tuesday.

“It was very emotional, she was crying a lot,” said Bonk.

“She still has a lot to deal with in her life, obviously with her husband — they don’t have the relationship they did five years ago.”

Bonk said $70,000 of renovations went into the home, which has allowed the couple to continue living together.

Laura’s article can be viewed online.

Thanks for covering our latest project, Laura!

Calgary Sun Hearts and Hammers Article 5.25.2015

Calgary Sun Hearts and Hammers Article 5.25.2015