2014 Ramirez Project Update

In June 2014, the Ramon Ramirez family was selected from nominations received as our major project of the year. Ramon suffers from a disease so rare it does not have a name, with only eight other individuals in Canada diagnosed with similar symptoms. His disease has left him unable to speak, and with very limited mobility in his own home.
Noemi Ramirez has provided constant care to her husband, but due to a lack of wheelchair access in their home, this has proven very difficult for her.
The project began in September, with the selection of Greenstone Construction Management as the project and construction manager. The first phase started with the construction of a wheelchair ramp for the front door. Jon Schiedel from Greenstone did an outstanding job planning and overseeing the construction of the ramp.
Thanks go out to the numerous volunteers from the Hearts and Hammers board of directors, their families and friends, and to the members of the public. Several weekends were laboriously spent by the volunteers cutting the lumber for the ramp and preparing the yard grading and elevation to accommodate the ramp.

September highlights: (photo credits Sue Trefry)

During October, the wheelchair ramp was started. Again we had the generous support of numerous volunteers with their time and muscle power. The design was slightly revised to accommodate the slope of the yard, resulting in lots more digging before actual construction.
Special thanks are extended to Calgary Elite Roofing, who sent out a crew to help with the demolition of the original concrete steps and with the wheelchair ramp preparation. Also thanks to Take It and Go food truck for providing a delicious lunch.
We are extremely grateful for the support of the Calgary Chilean Community . They had organized a fundraiser to support the Ramirez project. Held at the Chilean Canadian Community Association hall on October 11th, the total amount raised was $5213.80.
On October 18, we had the support of two volunteer carpenters Ben and Juan who really helped to speed up the ramp fabrication. Thank you Ben and Juan for volunteering your time and expertise. The ramp was completed on October 21 with the additional help.
October highlights: (photo credits Sue Trefry)

November saw the completion of yard grading and cleanup, installation of paving stones and installation of window wells.
During November, bathroom renovations were started. Thanks go out to Smart Site for providing demolition and asbestos abatement services.
Thanks to Foothills Locksmiths Ltd. for the donation of an automatic door opener.
We are delighted to welcome back MacMillan Estate Planning Corp. as a Contractor Level sponsor. Thank you for your continuing support of Hearts and Hammers.
November highlights: (photo credits Sue Trefry)

Bathroom renovations were completed in December. Our thanks go to:
Stone Source International for tile donations,
Motion Specialties for the donation of ceiling bars, and
Mindy Paul at Copper Ridge Custom Painting for donating painting services.
December highlights: (photo credits Benny Wildey)

With the support of the many people who unselfishly donated their time and money, and with the support of our Corporate sponsors, we were able to complete another successful project. A big Thank You to all of you!